Meet Servet Hasan

Servet Hasan is an inspirational cancer survivor and motivational speaker


As the shock of a diagnosis of a rare form of ovarian cancer (clear cell) sunk in, I not only managed to deal with working with a team of doctors and getting through the treatment, which I dish out plenty of practical advice on, but I also delved head first into the spiritual consequences, especially when it came to such touchy subjects as family, friends, lovers and other strangers, my livelihood, my longevity and the pursuit of more icing for the cake.  I really wanted to know why I couldn’t return my family and get a new one.  And, other things like where some of my friends disappeared to, and if he said he really couldn’t live without me, why wasn’t he dead? That’s just a few of the things I tackled along the way.  What I learned may shock and inspire and haunt you, but, more importantly, it most definitely will change you.